Chord Rumour 2

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“Putting Chord Rumour into my system really helped, bass seemed to go really deep but sounded so controlled as well.”

Rumour is a remarkably compatible speaker cable and can be used with almost any amplifier and speaker, from mini systems right up to large floor standing speakers.

Two sets of silver-plated conductors are insulated with PTFE  and arranged in a twist configuration, a design feature that was so successful we used it on all our other speaker cables.  The PTFE insulated conductors are held in place by a vibration damping outer jacket. Chord Rumour is the first speaker cable in the Chord range to use this combination of silver-plated conductors and PTFE insulation.

Rumour will produce excellent definition right through the frequency range, outstanding dynamics and once run in, an outstandingly neutral tonal quality.  This is a cable that performs like a high-end speaker cable and this performance comes from a cable with a diameter of only 5 mm, making Rumour the ideal choice for extracting genuine performance from what, in hi-fi terms, is a near invisible cable.


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Conductors:  2 x 16 AWG 19 strand silver-plated oxygen free copper.

Configuration:  Twisted pair configuration.

Conductor insulation:  PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).  We believe that to obtain the most neutral tonal characteristic from silver-plated conductors it is vital to use PTFE or FEP insulation.  White with red stripe is positive, white is negative.

Jacket:  PVC

Diameter:  5mm

Colour:  White.
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